TheDovahkiin97 Hahah don’t know for action figures :D 
 but I saw that Tomson sang at the celibration of Oluja and that some hot chicks with hot legs weared black hats with Ustasa symbols and Nazi saluted to him. It was on the TV.

Well as I said Kosovo falls under recent problems. SSSS just means “Samo sloga Srbina spasava” what is wrong with that ? :D as I said Serbs were always the worst Serbian enemies and always divided and never united, it has nothing to do with nationalism but with wish to be more slozni.
2nd part is nonesense, Serbs from Kosovo and Macedonia migrated moslty to modern south eastern Serbia and some in other parts.
Serbs in military frontier were mostly populated from Montenegro, Bosnia, Raska and Hercegovina in eastern parts were mostly locals , small amount have origin from Kosovo, and today when origin of many last names is revealed,  it is easy to track migrations.
Almost none of the Serbs in Bosnia have ancestry from Kosovo, those who are not locals are usually from Hercegovina and Montenegro, possibly western Serbia but I never heard that someone have origin from Kosovo. I suspect that there are more Muslims then Christians with origin from modern Serbia today in Bosnia. 
And many places in modern Serbia were populated from the western regions, rather then opposite, so your claim about this is wrong as well.

We couldn’t split up because of various reasons like political games, foregn factors and bacause Serbs didn’t want to live in nationalistic Croatia where they would be treated like ethnic minority which they were not in time of Yugoslavia. Like I said borders were wrong, in the name of bratsvo i jedinstvo Serbs were divided in other countries. Serbia would be too big if borders were made by ethnical lands, and NO bratvo i jednstvo. But there is litterally nothing wrong with the fact that Serbs after reaise of nationalism in 90s wanted to live in united country. Like I said most European countries were made when people of the same origin were united, take your Germany as example.  (not talking about WW2)
I don’t want to talk about who started war or about war at all, because
1st how I can know, also how you can know?
Be honest, we only know what we have heard or read, and how to know which source is biased and which not.
2nd I belive that it was politically dirty war, and that people were fooledand filled with propaganda on each side. 
3rd I can say that I suspect that Croats are relatively more quilt for war, and now I can list things why I think that, but we can left that for later or for some other discussion.
I am not for that discussion, it can only turn ugly and I can not be sure that things I would claim are even close to 100% right. And after all we would never find common language.

Another wrong claim, Serbs were mostly for Yugoslavia and mainly communists, Croats on the other hand had stronger ethnic identity and Croats were more religious, ask older people and everyone will told you that Croats were the most religious in whole ex Yu. Which is not bad thing though, that basically means that Serbs were brainwashed in higger amount then Croats.

Southern border of Dushans empire was pushed, but every big power pushed borders, he was even declared as tzar of the Serbs, Greeks, Bulgarians and Albanians.
Ps, did you know that Dushan wanted to push borders even further south but he didn’t have a naval fleet, and maybe everythig would be different not only for the Serbs, but for Europe as a whole, who knows. 
We will never fimd out.