Now THATS what i call propaganda! :D
We are celebrating the peace and not the oluja! Oluja was just the “event” which caused the peace.
Dan domovinske zahvalnosti!
We are thankful that the war ended and croatia became independent.
The rebirth of our nation will be celebrated to eternity!
And we are not selling ustasa actionfigures xD

Serbs don’t have problems with lost lands” now thats bullshit, not only because of your CCCC. Basically every serb i know is only growling “KOSOVO IS SERBIA” which i can totally understand because of history and nationalism but as a fact kosovo istn serbia and serbs have only a minimum mayority in northern kosovo. Why? Well because serbs left the region long ago to become a majority in krajina/republika srpska…
This is how you get a decentralised state and split up your people completely… (keyword: serbian relocation policy) <

hell yes its a thing.
And serbs are not less for war than any other erhnicity. Jugoslavian states (except serbia) didnt want communism and they could have split up peacefully like slovenia and macedonia did but cetniks decided to burn some villages and occupy as much land as possible. 
Its the same over and over again –> you get absolutely nothing by trying to get everything.