This will lead to a huge debate but I think it would be more interesting if we had a self-declared Montenegrin ( non Serb , non Croat , or whatever) here. We understand that Montenegro is important to Serbs ( the most hardcore Serbs I've met are from Montenegro or 'Krajina' just like the most hardcore Croats are from western Hercegovina). The question is were the Montenegrin Slavs indepedent Slavs before Serbs invaded Montenegro centuries ago and subsequently turned it Orthodox from Catholic or were all the Slavs there already Serb in the 7th century? Reguardless , centuries ago a large part of Montenegro became aligned with Serbs and became an important part of Serbian history. Nobody denies that.

That is true, Montenegro is a big part of Serbian history, but that doesn't make them Serbian. Ingva's family lived in Montenegro, but they were Serbs, not Montenegrins. True Montenegrins are a tribe that is different from Serbian tribes. More than half inhabitants of Montenegro are Serbs, though.


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