The region in which your  ancestor lived has quite a history. It is also one of the most beautiful ethnographic regions of Belarus.

Today, the region of your was born  labeled  as Padliašša, because it is on Polish territory in Podlaskie voivodeship. It shouldn’t be part of Poland. Stalin transferred Bialystok region to Poland in 1944 and that’s another story.   Geographically, the village of your ancestor belongs Belarusian ethnographic region of Paniamonnie – the basin of Neman river.  It’s close to Grodno city.

PS If you want to know non-russified version of full-name of your ancestor, the way his relatives were pronouncing it,  It’s Bojka Kanstancin Siamionavič (Boyka Kanstantsin Syamyonavich) . In Cyrillic – Бойка Канстанцін Сямёнавіч.