> Russia is considered “the land of our origin” and we feel we
are connected to them.


Russia is not the land of our origins. It maybe the land of origin of all Indo-Europeans, though.  In saying this, western Russians are as Slavic as anyone.
As pointed above Slovenia and Russia are very different countries. Not only the size but also history and mentality of people. Modern day Russia as a political state grew from Moscow principality. Moscow principality adopted much of political culture from those who ruled them. They have overcentralised government with all powers vested in a single person neglecting any conventions between nobilities and the ruler. There territorial expansion at all costs to this day. Everything else is of secondary importance. People who have romantic feelings about Russia living in western or southern Slavia will change their opinions if they lived next Russia for a short period of time. I can give you an example – western part of Ukraine that was under Austro-Hungarian rule where people were pan-Slavic as other Slavs of Austro-Hungary in the 19th century. Western Ukrainians were Rusophilic believing Russians speak a similar east Slavic language they could understand. The shared similar religion and distant history in Rus state. Western Ukrainian were Russophilic till 1939. Soon after Russians arrived in 1939, whom western Ukrainians greeted with flowers, their opinions changed about the Russians. Ukrainians met chauvinistic people with foreign mentality, who sent them NKVD and trains to deport people in Siberia because they were deemed to be non-loyal. You can read about Russophilia in western Ukraine here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Ukrainian_Russophiles

The sentiments towards the Russians would not be much different with other Slavs and non-Slavs had they lived next to Russia.