so you suggest Slovenia should start expanding and imposing their culture, language and identity on surrounding nations? Of course, Trst, Štajerska, Koruška and Burgenland first and then nations related to Slovenes, so all south Slavs could be Slovenes… Then when, they have reached Czechia (new name ftw) via Burgenland, they can annex it, since, as oberkreiner said, they are most similar to them. But Czechia is closely related to Slovakia, so it must too be included in this great vision and we all remember that Carpathian Ruthenia was part of first Czechoslovakia, so it too should be included. Now we have Hungary in the middle of our great Slovene federation, which is not so great, so we should annex Hungary and give them all rights the need as long as they are loyal citizens of the Slovene federation, something like those Asiatic peoples have in RF… I think I covered it all, correct me of I’m wrong. Then we could be great and not giving a fuck about quality of life, which is subjective anyways…
And just out of curiosity, could you explain why is Europe going to hell exactly?