I can’t speak on
behalf of the whole nation, but from my point of view among all Slavs the Czechs
are the most similar to us, but a more relaxed and with a better humor. Their
language is also very appealing to us.

For south Slavs in
general, they have more a “clan” mentality, which means that they are very
loyal and caring if you are their close friend or a family member.  But on the other hand they lack of awareness
of broader community interests and the sense of public good. They don’t
emphasis general politeness towards other people, fairness, orders, rules, environmental
issues..  And they also function more on
emotional rather than rational level. If they do something wrong and you don’t
take their side they would feel betrayed. Also conservative and superstitious.

Serbians are
considered laid back, good hosts, friendly and outgoing, but also kind of
people that rather than working prefer the supervisor type of jobs.

Bosnians are
considered not very educated but hard workers, modest and good people.

Croatians it depends
on the region, some regions like Gorski kotar or Varazdin  are not very different than Slovenian.  For other regions it can be said that they
like to show off, be important, and appear important. If in Slovenia, for a business
meeting, you show up in Armani clothes you might be considered as a person who
only cares about getting rich and only thinks about himself and not to do fair business
and quality work. But in Croatia it is a Jackpot, you are immediately considered
as someone important..

Polish are considered
very religious. Russia is considered “the land of our origin” and we feel we
are connected to them. But we also think they are blind to see that what
matters in life is the quality of life of ordinary people, and not the power, so
called “traditional values” and the “greatness” of their country. Bur despite that,
on the individual level, Russians are considered good people, just with self-control
issues when drunk. And they don’t like admitting their mistakes, instead, they
would just point out your mistakes and start a never ending story of mutual


But as I said, I don’t
know if this opinion can be generalized as the opinion of Slovenian people. But
at least the people that I know think this kind of things about other Slavs.