It would freak me out seeing forests disappearing at such a fast rate as it has been in Ukraine. The good thing we have forest nurseries where young trees are grown as part of forestry management supported by the government. Finland has one of the best forestry management in Europe, where our forest workers traveled to learn about forestry management from Finnish expertise and share their knowledge .

Belarus had around 25% of its territory covered with swamps. In the last 100 years people dried out many swamps with 15% of the territory has swamps only. Swamps were to get fertile peat that was used as fertiliser and land for agriculture. Swamps are an important part of the echo-system. Environmentalists say European swamps are the lungs of Europe. Belarusian swamps are protected by Ramsar Convention which is an international treaty  for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands. There was a movement against drying out the swamps in Belarus. Thankfully, the drying of the swamps has stopped.