A hacking team ‘Fancy Bear’, probably from Russia, hacked WADA database twice obtaining sensitive data about many sportsmen. WADA confirmed their computer system were hacked.

I watched a show on where a known scholar with PhD in Medical Science was answering the questions about the effects the substances Williams brothers and other athletes were taking.

Three categories of substances that are prescribed for medical uses can also be used to enhance performance of athletes

1. Substances that promote the growth of muscles. Williams and black muscular American gymnast Simone Biles were taking it.
2. Substance that are prescribed to asthmatic to dilate bronchia increasing the flow of oxygen into the lungs. Have you even noticed a large number of sportsmen diagnosed with asthmas particularly in biathlon and swimming?
3. Substances that have psychological effects

Many of these substances are used in medical treatment. Some of the substances are so strong that are used treat people have serious health issues. But if these substances are prescribed by medical professionals, then they can  be used for therapeutical purposes. In this way, prohibited substances are permitted.