OK this is gunna be bad but I’ll try 

First paragraph :
Oh how something (?) Flies
It has black hair I think
It’s in a field? Something so to with field
Kdzie ty- where r u 

Second paragraph:
Fly lietacka( a bird? Maybe a plane..) fly
Karotky must be like kratky so short
You are the ocean, we are the home?
I dance from morning to morning

Fly lietacka fly
Through the sweet wind
You keep or always are smiling that way

She sang a song to you. Dodzd is maybe doist so to come 
Padau- it fell
And the sun played 

The last line is like – I will from happiness…To something idk. That’s all I got from that paragraph

Again has black hair…

In conclusion I think it’s about a bird that’s what I got.

Belarusian written in Latin looks like a pretty polish mixed with Slovak and Russian. To me it looks like how polish should be lol if that even makes sense. 


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