@texczech82 well my mother had 1℅ and my father 3℅ according to ancestry.com my father is full Slovak and my mother half. I tested my mother’s mother who is American and she had 0℅ so it’s pretty safe to conclude it comes from my Slovak side. I don’t get to almost ever see other slovaks taking DNA tests except my own family so I’d be curious to see how other slovaks are with these tests. Wish I had more opportunity to see that.

Interesting I never looked too much into the type of N1 in North East Europe so thanks for explaining it. Yes the theory of all slavs coming from west Ukraine at least in part is what maciamo from eupedia supports I think. According to him the proto Slavic culture started when a pre Balto-Slavic culture merged with a Balkan one from Romania in modern day Western Ukraine and he claims is why I2 is at least around 10 percent in all slavs regardless of where they are, north or south. Once I’m not studying so much with university I’d like to look into that more as I’ve always been curious to know how Slavic actually are southern slavs genetically. 

DNA land still seems to need to tweak their estimates as me my brother and father seem to have different populations popping up in us when this isn’t the case with gedmatch or ancestry.com. still cool to see. 


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