expects to do washing, cooking, cleaning, taking children outside and take them to chess, ice-hockey, gymnastics, ice-skating etc. If you don’t like what she wants, then she will say you – see you. 

What the heck?  :D Whoever heard of men doing those jobs on a daily basis without making a BIG MESS of things? haha.

Men paint, fix the toilet, mow the lawn, take care of the exterior of the home, maintain the vehicles, weed the garden, grow the flower, prune the trees, and so forth. 

My Ukrainian grandmother’s weekly schedule is STILL followed in my family. lol My Ukrainian grandfather taught this to my mother (she’s not Slavic – she had to be trained in the ways. haha. A long funny story about this training my mother loves to tell. I’ll spare you the story.) 

Ukrainian Grandmother’s Weekly Schedule (What women should do)

(I think she made bread every day)

Monday: Washing, check Ukrainian grandfather’s coat pockets when he gets home from work. Toss his cigarettes. This happened daily. After dinner, he retrieved them from trash. :D

Tuesday: Ironing, mending, sewing, making crochet doilies (she had HUNDREDS all over the house)

Wednesday: Mid-week shopping day

Thursday: Clean kitchen and bathroom

Friday: Clean rest of house, take paycheck from Ukrainian grandfather before he can spend on vodka

Saturday Shopping with children for shoes, clothes, etc. Groceries.

Sunday: Church and Day of Rest.


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