If if you have a house, then there’s a lot of work  around the house that men can do.  In cities of Belarus most people live in high rise apartments. Men paint, fix toilets. How often one paints walls and fix the toilet? Every once in a while. Lawning, gardening and everything else outside is done by people from the local government.  The same can be said of Ukrainian families living in apartments in cities.

Washing is easy . Sort out clothing , select the type of washing. Then easy gentle dry or dry on the balcony. Suits, coats are taken to dry cleaner around the corner. The same about washing dishes – dishwasher does everything. Besides, it’s seldom modern day girls can cook well. A lot of guys are teaching their girl-friends to cook. How would you feel if a guy who can’t cook find some recipe on the Internet and experiment it on you? Not nice. Guys also take carpets outside for proper dusting because girls find them heavy. You take rubbish outside every evening. I can relate to girls when they say we both work – then we come to home  and one person needs to do all household works, while another one is playing computer games or reading books. That’s unfair. But if Karpivna is willing to do everything by herself except for toilet fixing, carpet dusting, painting, then she’s a real treasure.


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