@sviatogor I do all the cleaning, washing, grocery shopping, making beds, organizing, and most cooking. My bf lived on his own before he met me, and he can also do most household chores well. He is terrible at bedmaking, organizing by category as I require, dusting, keeping things neat and tidy. He can cook but is not good at detailed cooking/baking. He is better with the outdoor grill than me, because I am afraid of the outdoor grill. lol  We share household duties because we both work. I do most interior work, he does most exterior work. He takes care of the vehicles, garage, his workshop area, garbage, lawn & garden, snow removal, etc. I think the workload evens out overall. 

Sure, modern appliances make these chores fairly easy for anyone. We could even lessen the load by hiring lawn and outdoor services. I could hire a weekly maid service. We just like doing these things ourselves. Also, I am a control freak. :D


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