once temporarily volunteered for the Salvos and I never experienced
anything religious while working for them. They didn’t talk to me
about religion or heaven or ‘doing the Lord’s work’, etc.

look quite religious to outsiders.

I live here. I speak to Australians every day. If you’re trying to
get a genuine outlook on this from simply talking to blokes in pubs
you’re going to get skewed results. I know in my social groups most
people are in favour of it, but that’s just my clique. It could be
different for other people. 

me where you live in Australia? In western districts of Melbourne? I
know Sydney holds Mardi Gras annually. I know Darlinghurst of Sydney
is known for homesexual community. But still a fair-dinkum Aussie does
not like poofters.

wouldn’t say that. Russian soldiers are blessed by Orthodox Priests
and church attendance is much higher in Russia.

is not entrenched into modern Russian community as much as into Australia despite those blessings. I
visited both countries. This is a separate subject. Russians are
definitely not religious. Australians, Americans, Lithuanians, Poles
are religious. Russians are not.

be because these two cities receive the most immigrants and refugees
than any other cities in Australia.

cities look flat with so many one-story buildings on blocks of land
600-700 sq. m. Every second household has a garden, possums and even
kangaroos with koalas around. And those pesky parrots screaming in the