Still, Australia has Christian schools, Christian political parties. Organisations such as Salvation Army and St Vincient de Paul that have Christian roots.

That’s what I’m trying to say. They Christian roots because they come from a time when Australia was more openly religious. I once temporarily volunteered for the Salvos and I never experienced anything religious while working for them. They didn’t talk to me about religion or heaven or ‘doing the Lord’s work’, etc. 

That poll is ballocks. Go and ask a mate in the pub what he thinks about a poofter.

Mate, I live here. I speak to Australians every day. If you’re trying to get a genuine outlook on this from simply talking to blokes in pubs you’re going to get skewed results. I know in my social groups most people are in favour of it, but that’s just my clique. It could be different for other people. 

Russia is an atheist state in comparison to Australia. Russians don’t celebrate Easter and Christmas, as much as Australians. Russian main celebrations are new year’s eve , 8th of march, 23 of February . Russia is definitely not as Christian, as Australia.

I wouldn’t say that. Russian soldiers are blessed by Orthodox Priests and church attendance is much higher in Russia. But this isn’t a competition. I’m just trying to tell you that Australia is not a very openly religious society like the USA or the Balkans. We didn’t go through State Atheism like Russia did but when people celebrate these holidays they are not referencing Jesus or religious texts. They celebrate it in a secular way. Many non-Christians from non-Christian backgrounds celebrate Christmas here, albeit with those who usually do come from Christian backgrounds.  

To be honest even Sydney and Melbourne appear to be rural to most Europeans .

Might be because these two cities receive the most immigrants and refugees than any other cities in Australia.