At the same time. Australia has numerous Christian schools. You know it very well.

That’s because they’re historical. Many were also shut down throughout the years because of they’re role in mass child abuse and molestation. These days Christian high schools are no different than other high schools other than they have a class on religion where they simply learn about the the stories in the Bible or are taught philosophy. People can abstain from this class if it’s against they’re beliefs. They’re not traditional Catholic schools where nuns do the teaching and they’re taught creationism. 

Vast majority of Australianas are against poofters. Poofter is a derogotar term in Australian English.

The latest data (2016) shows that 56% are in support of same-sex marriage, whereas 33% are against it. 


It wasn’t long ago foreigners of any religion had to swear on Christian Bible to obtain Australian citizenship.

It wasn’t long ago that Russians were living in an “Atheist state” but you wouldn’t say Russia is an Atheist country today, would you?

No! Only around 65% of Australian population lives in urban area.

Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world. As of 2011 89.2% live in urban areas with an urbanisation rate of 1.49% a year.