Sviatogor We also have Yeshivas and Islamic colleges. And yes, we have a major political party that gets it’s morals from the Bible (it’s the reasons why we still don’t have marriage equality despite the vast majority of Australians being in favour of it) but they are not like the Republican part in the USA. We don’t swear oaths in school that mention God, we don’t say “God bless”, almost all of our TV shows and movies don’t really reference an afterlife or religion unless it’s relevant to the story (like a movie about Greeks in Australia would probably have something about Greek Orthodoxy). When you compare public life in the US to Australia you will definitely notice less religiosity here. 

Rural Australia is definitely more Christian and conservative but 80% of Australians live in the capital cities of Australia, so they’re an obvious minority. Like I said, Australia isn’t necessarily socially progressive but religion is not out in the open as much as it is in America or the Balkans, for example. Most of the very religious people in Australia are immigrants or children of immigrants who come from countries that are more openly religious (like Egypt or South Sudan). We’re not Atheists or Agnostics by no means, but it’s just that in Australia religion is usually seen as a private thing that doesn’t need to be brought to the public unless it’s about discrimination or a holiday (like Christmas).