I am not specifically a Rodnover, and I actually have much to learn about slavic deities.. but I am a polytheist and maybe can shed what insight I have.
As Svitogor says, many view it more as a part of their culture, a way of reaffirming their roots. I believe that the Gods exist, although I would say it is hard to define how or, 'in what way' they exist. I am just a man, after all.

Personally, I don't limit myself to a small local pantheon, or even a "purely" Slavic one. While I try to frame my worldview and practices in a slavic native way, even the ancients prayed to a few Scythian and Roman deities(Hors and Devana come to mind). I respect all deities, and while I may favor a few local ones(Weles has always been important to me), I occasionally interact a bit with foreign slavic gods, sarmatian gods or ossetian saints, khazarian shamanism, etc.

In my opinion, this is a natural heathen spirituality that reflects very much how our ancestors would have believed: Core practices being local, but being open to assimilated foreign ideas.


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