This is what I and my room-mate got for this weekend.

Hrvatska Stara Badel, Slivovica, Badel 1862.

The secret of authentic taste and scent of Badel 1862 top rakija quality lies in distillation and aging in Slavonian oak barrels. This is exactly why unique fruit rakija, Badel Stara Slivovica, is the favourite Croatian souvenir. It will reveal its profusion if you serve it chilled as an aperitif or with prunes after meal.

1,0L | 40% Alc/Vol

My first impression? I didn’t know Slivovica is aged in oak barrel. Nice, delicate smell. It’s pleasant and I like it. I could sit and smell the drink. Quite a strong drink despite 40% only.  It reminds me of a brandy.