@Sviatogor On the other hand, I won’t be able  to fight people of Donetsk. They are russified Ukrainians leaning towards Russia. But they are our Slavic brothesr and sisters. 

Not even Givi? He’s some Slavic brother? To his brother Ukrainians??? He should be in the Hague Court already!

A video – there are many like this, btw – shows (WARNING! Graphic Content!) Pro-Russian separatist commander Givi physically abusing and tormenting Ukrainian captives who were apparently taken during the siege at the Donetsk airport.

Givi, who at one point brandishes a sword, throws the captives from a truck and onto the ground. Taking apparent pleasure in asking if they recognize him (they do), he uses a knife to cut the felt chevrons off their jackets and stuffs them into their mouths.


These videos certainly provide graphic evidence of war crimes.

Another video shows seven Ukrainian soldiers lined up against a wall after falling to separatists in the eastern city of Krasnyy Partizan. Lying next to the seven captives are two men who appear to lie mortally wounded and another two who are dead.