@aaaa I think we should have a well armed and organized militia with yearly excersizes and paid leave.

No worries! It is here!  NATO Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (Land) 2017 (VJTF)! 14 nations, including Czech Republic and Poland! British, Danish and Polish infantry will work together to ensure that the Armoured, Mechanised and Light Role Battle Groups can communicate and operate together, supported by a multinational engineer group, reconnaissance patrols and attack helicopters.

At the 2014 Wales Summit, NATO Allies agreed to enhance the capabilities of the NATO Response Force (NRF) in order to adapt and respond to emerging security challenges posed by Russia, as well as the risks emanating from the Middle East and North Africa.

The following force elements are taking part:

  • United Kingdom: Headquarters 20 Armoured Infantry Brigade, 1st Batallion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, 1st Batalion Grenadier Guards, 26 Regiment Royal Artillery, 35 Engineer Regiment, The Queen’s Royal Hussars, The Royal Dragoon Guards, 77th Brigade, 1st Regiment Royal Military Police, Joint Helicopter Force 3, RLC, REME
  • Denmark: Armoured Infantry, Engineers
  • Poland: Mechanised Infantry Batallion
  • Czech Republlic: CBRN Company
  • Spain: Artillery, Engineers, Infantry
  • Estonia: Mechanised Infantry Company
  • Latvia: Light Infantry
  • Norway: Recconaisance Platoon
  • Romania: Military Police