There were Russians on the Isonzo front?

No, there weren't … Before the opening of the Isonzo front it didn't matter which troops fought where. But the AH army prefered puting Slavic troops on the Isonzo front after it's opening in 1915 to fight non Slavic Italians in order to prevent deserting of Slavic troops to f. ex. Serbians on the Balkan front and to some degree to the Russians on the eastern front. There they rather put German, Hungarian and Transilvanian regiments + German reinforcements in some cases. Although Russians didn't actually mind fighting "Slavic brothers" … Cossacks killed everything and everyone and asked questions later. ;)

Bosnian regiments were considered as elite troops of infantry and gained much respect as they were feirce and wild fighters who loved stroking Italians with their bayonets. ;D But who didn't? :D They youngest soldier in the army was a Bosnian boy and you have cases where Bosnian patrols of 12 men or so captured 40 Italians or even more. Some say non Bosnian troops were ordered to wear mustaches in order to resemble the Bosnians. This way Italians would fear them more. ;D

Anyhow, enough been said, our regiments didn't have a easy game there either … Don't forget Kranjski Janezi in the battle of Doberdob or Celjski 87. regiment on Mount Škabrijel.

Glory to all our heroes!