The most important festivity in Val Resia during February is the Resian Püst, where people dress either in bile Maškire or as Kukaci (from what I understood they put all the shabbiest clothes they can find).

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During this "masquerade" they also dance to the typical Resian instruments, like the cïtira and the bünkula.

On wednsday, they burn the effigy of the Püst (which they call "Babac"), which symbolically represents all the revelry that happened during the previous days; it also marks the beggining of the Lent, which means fasting and abstinence.

[td]Pust Resia – 19/2/2012 – Carnevale resiano[/td]
[td]CARNEVALE RESIA – Püst 2012[/td]

Rasia's dress "bile Maškire or as Kukaci " are gorgeous & the dance with cïtira and the bünkula are awesome……