Hundred million of times, and it still will not be the truth. Like I said, ὁ δράκων is noun of male gender, and could not represent female.
And Saint George is not somone who replaced Perun, it was Christian saint, chuches in his memories were erected in 5th century (more than 400 years before Slavs were baptized). This story has nothing to do with Perun.
Slavs gave atributes of Perun to Saint Elijas, which is something you would easily learn if you bothered to read something written in your language, not made up in some American reconstrucionist cabinet for Television shows.

Ako već gledaš rod imenica, zar Sv.Đorđe ne ubija aždaju, a ne zmaja, a aždaja je ženskog roda. Ne slažem se s njom da je Veles žensko, nego samo kažem… :)


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