Well… I can see why most of us English descended people in America have such bias, other than the reasons already mentioned: A lot of it is in the overall worldview of Westerners vs Easterners in European terms. Most people here are typical anti-traditionalists (liberals, socialists) or Neocons with their American Exceptionalism and what really amounts to a form of civic nationalism, which I really don't like. Both of these groups tend to be anti-Slav politically, whether you're talking about Monarchist or Communist times. See, I'm the exact opposite: I'm a traditionalist, monarchist Anglo (English, NOT British) who identifies more with my own blood and kin than with the US. Of all non-Germanic peoples, however, I do tend to relate to Slavs the most, probably because of the more traditional orientation and greater value placed on their Slavic identity, which most of us Germanics sadly lack, especially in America.