Proposed Macedonian Coat of Arms is Unveiled
Friday, 05 December 2014

For 22 years after its independence, Macedonia continued to use its old coat of arms, back in the day when it was still a Republic in SFRY (see below)

Today however, the Government has proposed a new Coat of Arms for the country. A red lion on a golden-yellow background with a crown on top decorated with rubies and pearls.

The new coat contains a red lion within a golden-yellow shield with a mural-fortress-shaped crown on its top. The new coat should restore the country’s historic symbols. Macedonia and Belarus are the only European countries that still use emblems, inspired by the former USSR heraldic.

“The existing coat of arms of Macedonia is designed according to the one of former USSR, being also a model for all Soviet Republics. The obligatory elements of this design – the sun, five-pointed star, wheat stalks and ribbons with folk motifs – symbolized the brighter communist society, which is achieved by the labor of working class and farmers,” the draft-law reads.

The new red-lion design is based on the historic coats of arms. The golden – yellow mural crown, adorned with pearls and rubies, is meant to symbolize the republican character of the state.

“Thus the aim is to highlight and display the sovereignty and integrity of the state. By embracing this coat of arms, Macedonia will join the family of European countries, as a state that cares for both its past and future, promoting unity and attaching itself to a symbol that bears no division on any grounds, but rather creates unity of all who live in it,” the Government draft reads.

According to the Constitution, the two-thirds majority is required to pass a law on the new symbols of the Republic of Macedonia.



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