Are you suggesting that every Croatian citizen be forced to learn regional dialects? I think it would make more sense to only have mandatory classes in languages that are relevant to you. So if you live in Kajkavian speaking areas then you should learn Kajkavian as well as Shtokavian. The same for Chakavian speaking areas.

Yeah that is what I mean. It would be odd that some child from Kućan Marof learn Čakavian.
But there can be a very nice situations when this "two world" colide. I`m not the exemple of common Čakavian speaker, rather a mixture. But during my college day my first roomie was from Zagorje. Oh how we used to laugh to each other because of that dialect "barrier". "Ivek (me, Ivan) buš odjeću skupil dešč curi?" By the time i was able to understand what he was saying our clothes was soaked wet :D hehehe