hello I did a search, best I could find.<

I love old yugo/SB/CR music. Even tho I’m Ukrainian. its 2nd best Slavic music I can blast. Tozovac is my fave ha. I like old UA folk, somehow Serbs/Hrvats managed to modernize I guess w/ turbofolk style. Bane Bojanic is another one of my faves.

I was listening to Ukrainian Arkan and was wondering whats the deal with dancing in circles. I like history like this. Kolo’s. did a search on here couldn’t find shit.

“Kolo Cacak” – Houston – November 27, 2010<

Predrag Zivkovic Tozovac – Prazna casa na mom stolu

Bane Bojanic – Pola Vino Pola Voda

Bane Bojanić – moja malena


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