Tamburaši are also traditional for some Slovene regions like Prekmurje or Kostel.

Vlado Kreslin-Vsi so venci vejli

But nowadays people consider polka music for the traditional folk music. That’s not entirely true, as polka has quite a long tradition in Slovenia too, but in the present form it is known less than 80 years.

Anyway, you all know us by this one (it’s played on all our matches): ANSAMBEL BRATOV AVSENIK – Na Golici ( trompetenecho )

This style is known abroad as “Oberkrainer” style, since Avsenik started it and his ansambel is from Oberkrain – Gorenjska and the Germans called them simply Oberkrainer. Today it’s popular in rural regions of Styria, Upper and Lower Carniola, Carinthia and parts of Littoral.


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