Just study our history, and everything would be understandable for you.

It is believed that the numbers of Serbs who migrated onto Balkans haven't been bigger that 100.000 souls.

Later on we beat the sh** out of the Avars, Magyars, Bulgars, Arnauts… Romanians have never been a real match for us.

"Beat the s**t" would be an exaggeration considering we spent several centuries under foreign rule/influence before becoming an independent nation after arriving to the Balkans. But yes, we eventually grew strong enough to beat those countries.

Tzar Dušan the Great ruled almost the whole Balkans….

He ruled Moravian Serbia, Zeta, Kosovo, Albania Epirus, Thessaly, Macedonia (Aegean and Vardar). Basically from Danube in the north to bay of Corinth in the south. I took the liberty to approximate the size of these territories at around 166500 squared kilometers. A sizable region, no doubt. But the Balkans has about 500000 making Dusan's Serbia noticeably smaller than half. I'm Serbian myself and as much as I'm proud of our history, let's not go overboard. We don't have to lie about our history, it's pretty amazing as it is.

I've read on some historical forum from an Turk historian who said that every average Turk knows that the bravest and most heroic tribe that they've ever met were Serbs. The number of the Ottoman empire, compared to us, may be in a correspondence of 30-40:1 in their favor…

Well, the only Ottoman Sultan to die in a battle was against the Serbs, so I guess we have that going for us, which is nice.