@Sviatogor What does hair colour have to do with things anyway? You said yourself our genetic makeup is different, which is logical (different regions make different genes; and Slavicness is not genetic anyway; not to mention I’m blond(ish) myself – I’ve posted my pic for analysis in one of my first posts here). I thought we were talking about culture. And I said that our cultures have many similarities, indeed, but they also have some differences, ergo they’re not exactly the same (and can’t be expected to be the same – different regions also make different cultural influences). And I don’t deny that we’re Slavic (if I thought we’re not Slavs, I wouldn’t be here in the first place), just as I don’t deny that Slavs aren’t all the same – there are differences between a Bulgarian, a Belarussian and a Czech, just as there are similarities.

However, I do admit one thing – in addition to being Slavs, I also consider ourselves as being Balkaners and thus I consider f.e. a Romanian as culturally close to me as a Belarussian or Pole (though obviously Serbs and Macedonians are culturally the closest to us from all, despite our historico-politically inspired bickerings, simply because they’re both Balkaners and Slavs (and Christians)).