Exactly. So I find it funny when one person that doesn’t say the name of the creator in this way and bashed the name of the creator cause his group doesn’t call it like that  ::)

Also I am not religious anymore. I am spiritual and I believe that is the truest way to go back to the creator and the dimension/realm that we need to be. Now the creator is in us and the creator is around us every second of the day & night the energy of the creator exist in everything from alive to dead. I believe that you need to be positive and create positive energy in order to create your future positive because lets face it we live in a mass consciousness and if all of us think positive and do positive deeds then our process will speed up even faster. So this is why we need to treat each other good and help each other good.

Religion, Governments only separate us in to hating each other for NO DAMN reason at all.

Also if you are wondering which religion I used to be it was I.slam.  I believe all the 3 major religions hinder human potential for growth and keep us in a cage and it’s a VERY poor translate of our ancient people that live without religion and they were much closer to the creator then we are today. The reason they were closer to the creator is through spirituality they knew how to activated it. And religion today doesn’t care about you nor do they want you to know ancient knowledge because it would EMPOWER you and you won’t need them at all nor would you need to feed them money. Pretty much religion only exists for money an wasting your time that is it.


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