Balkan Federation is impossible, atleast from a macedonian point of view. We have no geostrategical allies or friends except for Turkey.
1. Serbia is deffinitely not our friend considering that Milosevic had meetings with Greek representatives to divide the country. Until this day their desperate attempts to infuse hatred between Albanians and Macedonians isn’t working.
2. Bulgaria- They just keep on trying to recreate a union of their lost provinces that they had for a few years. If they stop stealing our history and culture, there is a place for friendship but alliance or closer ties never. 
3. Greece- Needless to comment anything on this country. If Erdogan keeps his promise from 2012, soon it will start. 
4. Albania and Kosovo- Great chance for a friendship but still too soon as both nations of ours see chances to govern their own countries for the first time without following somebody else’s propaganda. Time will show that Macedonians and Albanians historically had the same enemies and were used by the same regional powers to complete their agenda.