Latvian women traditional costumes look as those of Belarusian  women worn  in northern Belarus.

Vests, skirts, embroidery, mantles, wreaths made of wild flowers. Mens costumes don’t look as our. They look western European which is probably Germanic influence. Latvians were in the sphere of Germanic influence for long. During national revival Latvians removed Germanism from Latvian language replacing them with Lithuanian words or neologisms. They also kicked out many Germans from their country. But Germanic legacy , particulary in architecture, is still there.


Here’s an article of a leading Lithuanian anthropologist. Title “Ancient ancestors of Lithuanians were Scandinavians, Belarusians are cousins of Lithuanians”


Lithuanians comments in the article especially those who are living a fair distance from Belarusian border were funny . Such as  if you are our cousins, when you will come home?