Thanks! I forgot about the word ‘voblaka’ in Belarusian. It’s definitely Belarusian. But our another common word for cloud is chmara. Here’s excerpt from dictionary of etymology on ‘oblako’


Происходит от праслав. *ob-volkъ, от кот. в числе прочего произошли: ст.-слав. облакъ (др.-греч. νεφέλη), укр. оболо́ки, болг. о́блак, сербохорв. о̏бла̑к, словенск. oblȃk, чешск., словацк. oblak, польск. оbłоk, н.-луж. hobłoka «легкое облако, облака». Праслав. *ob-volkъ связано с волоку́, влеку́. Использованы данные словаря М. Фасмера; см. Список литературы.


The word oblako is derived from proto-Slavic *ob-volkъ. Does the proto-Slavic word mean to you anything? It does to me ‘ob-‘ is prefix often used to describe to do something over, while ‘volkъ’ is something that is rolled (noun)./

Ukrainian – oboloki, Bulgarian – оболо́ки, Bulgarian – о́блак, Serbo-Cortian – о̏бла̑к. Slovenian oblȃk. Czech & Slovak – oblak. Polish – оbłоk. Lower Lusatian – hobłoka.

Oblak is a pan-Slavic word. But in Belarus and Ukraine people use chmara. I am most familiar to chmara. Russians use the word ‘oblako’ on a regularly basis.  I am not sure about Poles. I am guessing they are also using a word related to chmara. Poles may correct me.


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