@texczech82, no worries bro. My fiancee is in the same boat. Her grandparents were immigrants from Czechia and Slovakia. She’s always had some soft connection with the culture but she really became interested when she started getting serious dating another Slav ;). Next summer we plan to visit Czechia, Slovakia, and Croatia all in one! Can’t wait! 

Might I recommend finding a correspondent in Czechia or one that speaks Czech fluently? I know on the internet there are people looking for language learning exchanges with individuals I.e. you can help them with English and they will help you with Czech (that’s what my fiancee does with Slovak plus she renewed her membership to the Slovak club here). On a side note, through her learning a little bit more Slovak she indirectly understands more Croatian my family and I speak since, like @Sviatogor pointed out, basic vocabulary in all Slavic languages is closely related. :)


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