If the history is correct you cannot be mad for it. Myself first identify as a Bosniak due to the Public Consensus, as an agnostic. Until the religious-ethnic division calms down that is. Today it mostly means youre Muslim in Bosnia, but they dont ask you since when your family existed there, nope, just the religion. Now, in the past, most of my family (fathers side, mostly Montenegrins, half Orthodox and Half Catholic) was killed by the Ottomans. The rest were taken (not given, TAKEN) to the devširme (payed in blood),very few that remained had just one young man who they converted to Islam. Losing an entire line of ancestors here, leaving their bones somewhere in Austria or Balkans for Ottomans and you say we Bosniaks love Turks. Oh how we despise them, our hatred burns more than thousands suns only the elder cannot admit it due to shame and recent wars. But, slowly there will come a day when everyone will say hes this and that, until then, we are slaves to politics and religion.


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