A victim of politics, as simple as that. The organisation Mlada Bosna and Crna Ruka were just tools used by Russia through Serbia to incite war or create mayhem. Thats how you get WWI, Russia was kept safe through Serbia, who on the other hand always wanted “its old territory” back – which was never theirs to give anyway. My street name is Slobodan Princip-Seljo, Gavrilos brother, who was a National Hero in Bosnia. Now, as to the matter of us Bosnians never owning independence, thats a load of propaganda and massive lies on Serbian and Croatian sides (some sneaky Bosnians too). Why? Easy, we never cared for expansion but always beaten up both of those whenever they got too greedy, so go back to your holes and try again, we have beaten you hundreds of time before and we ll do it again. Unless we come to our senses and start looking forward without propaganda and complexes of lower virtues, clouding our judgements. 


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