Happy Winter Solstice to all! Щиро вітаю з Різдвом та Новим роком! :)

Now, listen to this beautiful modernized version of a classic Ukrainian carol, “The New Joy.” :) Heroic and sad as the story of Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine and Ukrainians!


(Loosely translated lyrics of this new version, which fits with recent events in Ukraine. Plus, information on the famous folk singers in the video.)

“It will not be in Ukraine captivity ever”
New Joy, which had not been
On the margins Ukraine chuck litalaPtashechka flew brought us the news
What is not lost in country – Ukraine Resurrected
On Christmas utrechkom, snow swoops
Mother and Child is father of Siberia

Children earnestly cry – where our family
In Siberia rash high tomb

There in lies the heap father
Too bad kids, sorry mother blood be shed

A star in the sky, flying angels
And on Earth the gun mount be zdryhayut

Not only the gun, but also on miniv
For enemies want us to Ukraine

A star in the sky, the sun shines
And no land of our brothers blood be shed

Ukrainian trident Ukrainian field
No longer will never captivity Ukraine

O Blessed Virgin Look at us from heaven
And Give us the freedom which we have

In the recording part Groups Children “Budimir” and “Eagle”, the head of Miroslav Vertyuk, the group “Bursa folklore”, Galina and Les Telnyuk Taras Kompanichenko group “Chorea Cossack” Les Roy band “Teleri” Eugene and Helen Romanenko group ” TaRUTA “Sergei Vasylyuk group” Shadow of the Sun “, Paul Morhunyuk, Natalia Leshchenko, Anastasia Melnichenko, etc ..
Tunes and music group “PoliKarp” (Polesie – Carpathians) – Valery Hladunets, Basil Palanyuk Sergey Okhrimchuk, Yuri Zaharchuk. Also Alexander Atamas group “Taruta” and Maxim Berezhnyuk.


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