Haven’t been here in a while =)
But to up-date some things: from 2015 Kaikavian literary language has been finally officially recognized by SIL institute and got its own language code kjv =)
And I can tell you that this year is going to be especially interesting =)

As for my opinion regarding Serbo-Croatian, I have done many researches or just found out things I had not known before. Well, it’s simple, today it’s a pluricentric language, based on the same dialect of a language known as Shtokavski but in the history it was known as Illyrian. On the other hand, the more I discover about Kaj and Ča, the more it makes me angry as people practically know nothing here and the educational system is unfortunately under policy of nationalism. The best would be that regional languages can be taught to those whose mother tongue it is (both here and in Serbia for Torlaks) but confess that 4 countries have variants of the same language as their official one.


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