Here’s the link to the Galicia-Poland group. Be forewarned, it is not the easiest forum to navigate. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/GaliciaPoland-Ukraine/info

Another good group to join is Our Ancestors — Наші Предки (Nashi Predky)/ Ukrainian Genealogy Facebook group. They do live conferences via You Tube. The recordings of the conferences are also on YT. Many of the Western Ukraine/Poland-based researchers are members. Excellent info. there. Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NashiPredky/

Next event:

JOIN us on Sunday evening, December 14th @ 8pm ET, to discuss Ukrainian
genealogy topics — LIVE!!

Nashi Predky is hosting our next On-Air event on Ukrainian genealogy.
You can be part of the live event by participating on the panel -OR-
view the event live via our Google+ page or via YouTube! Only the first
10 participants will be able to join the live discussion panel.

* Welcome & Group Updates
* Ukrainian DNA Project by Prof. Volodymyr Bodnar
* Яндекс/Yandex by Justin Houser
* Q&A Session

Remember, everyone can participate by watching the live broadcast and
posting comments on the Nashi Predky G+ page. Watch & Comment on the
Google+ Page:

Watch on the Google+ Page:

Watch on the YouTube Channel:

We will open the “green room” about 15 minutes early if you’d like to
test out your microphone and webcam. Consider JOINing the panel when we
“scramble” to mix up the conversation a bit with new panelists. The link to JOIN will be posted in the G+ comments section under the video.

We are using Google+ Hangouts On Air for this event which begins at 8pm
Eastern US (New York). If you need a time zone converter:

Michael probably thought he’d found a new comrade-in-arms when you joined. :p


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