I have an off topic question.
I read on Wikipedia that after WW2 TIGR was wiped from the history by the Communist Govt. of Jugoslavia and were not really liked by Jugoslav Communist leaders.
Why is that?Were they not pretty much fighting for the same goal as the Jugoslav Partizans?

The hatred is logical. Yugoslav Partisans liked to say they were the first and only resistance fighters in Yugoslavia. But as we know they were established in 1941, after the april offensive (also the Četniki were established a short time before them). And if you're the group that's gonna claim land that isn't inside the countries borders – in this case in Italy – you sure won't be happy of a rival group that was doing his job since 1927! Though it was stupid, they probably thought that TIGR members could opose them after the war or simply be an argument for the oponent sides. Afterall, if you're the one who has liberated the country alone, you could easily claim the reign over it. But if you weren't…  … then you aren't that legitime afterall.

And there were other reasons for sure too. It is sad that we learn almost nothing at school about TIGR. I bet some profesors don't even mention them. :(


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