I'm born in Italy and I still live there, my family run away during the 90' war in Italy, however I have negative opinion of a big part of them, not only because of the "Irredentismo" story, alas even if I try to be a true citizen they treat me like a sort of garbage, I don't talk about the people I know, but administrators, workers at the foreign-acceptance and even workers at small supermarkets when they hear me speak in croatian, with my family or with my other Croat friends, they change completely behaviour they start to treat me like they want just to kick me out of their shop or as it happen to my friend that just came to study in Italy, and he is Croat too, the worker at the foreign-acceptance started to treat him like he was an idiot, leaving him six hours there, when he called me and I started speaking in his name they become more accepting and friendly, even if I had to yell first to them because I knew their behaviour towards foreigners to get my friend's residency permit.
However the only thing I'm still surprised is about their hate between northerns and southerns I mean I know that even in Croatia there's a hate between Dalmatians and the people from Zagreb and even in many other countries there is northern-southern but the hate in Italy is very felt and sometimes reaches catastrophic levels.

Well I'm sorry but that's not a valid reason to dislike Italians :D You came there as an immigrant, and I think it's their very own prerogative to treat immigrants whatever they like. You can always leave, no?

I think I was a little to harsh with them earlier, mainly because of the many controversies surrounding Italian leadership during WWII. For example it is thought that Mario Roatta wanted to commit a brutal genocide on Slovenians while on the other hand he saved many J**ish lives.

Still, maybe it's for the better if the grievances of the past stay in the past.


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