I can understand a lot of Bulgarian because we were exposed to Old Church Slavonic. Just remember an important rule in east Slavic languages – the ‘polnoglasie’ : https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/polnoglasie

The polnoglasie is a peculiar eastern Slavic linguistic feature. For example

Glava – Golova
Breg – Bereg
Mleko – Moloko
Vladimir – Volodimir
Glas – Golos
Zlato – Zoloto
Vlasy – Volosy
Drevo – Derevo
Grad – Gorod
Srb – Serb
etc, etc

It’s wicked for eastern Slavs , especially Ukrainians and Belarusians, seeing so many vowels missing in words of other Slavic languages.


The phenomena of disyllabic -oro-, -ere- and -olo- reflexes in East Slavic languages of Late Proto-Slavic closed syllable clusters involving a vowel *a, *o, *e followed by a liquid *r or *l.


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