@Sviatogor well, technically NATO aggression was thing that struck Serbia after WW2, but I know what you mean. All of what you wrote is true, I don’t see how am I wrong, my previous comment is in no collision with your comment. People who are 25 were children, people who are 40 were overthrowing him, but people around 50-60 are most populous group in Serbia, they voted him. He is not to be idolized, but he is. Plus, people here have short memory when it comes to certain things.
My parents always praised him, mostly because no one lost their job during his regime and because he did the best possible thing in given (extremely bad) situation, forgetting that he was the one who put us in that situation. Thing they don’t like is that he didn’t make our economy closed during sanctions (since we were already isolated), so inflation went through the roof. I don’t like him, he needed to be overthrown, but I have much bigger problem with the way he was overthrown. Official election results were never published, even though opposition and protesters brought him down claiming that their candidate won, while Milošević rigged the election and promising to publish real results.