I think you are wrong. Most of the people from generations age 25 to age 40 knows Milosevic was the worst thing after WW2 that struck Serbia. He is not figure to be idolized, and no one is idolizing him except the extreme nationalistic movements and retired people. He was never convicted for anything because he died before the conviction, but he was surely guilty for many wretched lives and unhappy childhood both then and now, and I don’t mean just the wars he didn’t stop but also robing the nation and allowing easy drugs trade in just about any corner.

Everyone could conclude that FR Yugoslavia of that time is same like modern Turkey smile

Anyway the reason because people feel hatred for last 16 years in Serbian politics is due to the fact that the changes that’ve been made were made so rapidly that common people can’t embrace them, and thus nostalgia for “good, old times, and you can’t deny that most of the changes were ill-made, they were imposed and they made damage to the well-being of the people.

PS. Number of people employed in government should drop from 600 000 to 60 000 or something like that, because many people don’t work optimally