I didn’t said you are a dictatorship or authoritarian, I just said that Lukashenko is an authoritarian figure or a strong leader, as people here would say. Interestingly, our domestic “strong leaders” are label as dictators right away by the same people (like current prime-minister, not that I support him or his government), until they fall, like Milošević e.g. you wouldn’t believe how many people praise him now as a great leader, true patriot and a great Serb, while those same people called him weak, traitor and all other sorts of things. It’s almost funny how is most popular with the right wing, even though he was a leftist, socialist (name of his party is Socialist Party of Serbia).
Well, I am against what happened in Ukraine. Unorganized gathering which turned into a destructive unrest, minors with no vote right participating in a political event and 2% of population (of which, I repeat, many don’t have right to vote) overthrowing legally elected government.