Lithuanians beat us in basketball. In all other sports we usually beat them. We like playing ice-hockey against Latvia. Latvians and Belarusians love ice-hockey. Both teams of the same strength. Ice-hockey becomes a bit of rivalry between Latvia and Belarus.

I know Serbs are russphiles. It feels like Serbs don’t know much about the Russians. We , Ukrainians and Belarusians, are also Orthodox. Our ancestors fought for independence of Serbs and Bulgarians. We live near Russians. We know their language, culture , history, mentality more than other people.

Belarusians and Lithuanians have a rivarly over common history. Slavs settled next to Balts (Lithuanians) since 7th century. Probably early we spawned from the same Balto-Slavic community. Since 13th century till 1918 Belarusians and Lithuanians lived in the same political state. There was a short lived Belarusian-Lithuanian Soviet Republic. Vilnius was our cultural and political capital for centuries. Our literary language is based on dialects spoken around Vilnius. Few ethnic Lithuanians lived in Vilnius till 1918. Now, it’s Lithuanian and Belarusians are a bit jealous saying look at old beautiful Vilnius, because it was designed and built by Belarusians. Look at Vilnius built after 1918 – it’s ugly, as it was designed and built by Lithuanians.