I mean, I can’t say I know too much about the Anglo-Saxons, aside from the way the built houses, and that they arrived after the Romans left. English culture over the last 1000 years has been so influenced by outsiders, that it’s become an amalgam of cultures. You had the original Celts in the area, then came the Romans, then came the Anglo-Saxons (and Jutes to a lesser extent, I believe), and finally the Norman Conquest. So, you have original Celts, then 2 influxes of “Latin” cultures, and 1 influx of Germanic culture. I’m a Creative Writing/Literature student. I think that English literature has produced some truly exceptional pieces. Can other cultures compare, yes, of course. But read some 17th-19th century British poetry, it’s beautiful and second-to-none! Aside from that, I know I have ancestry that links to President John Tyler (yes, I’ve checked, it matches), but it’s very small. The only thing I know I like about Anglo-Saxons is Old English. That is a truly musical Germanic language….which current English is not. Oh, well….I’m glad I was capable of elaborating on your question!


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